Monday, November 27, 2006


"Nina" blankie and perfect sweater

Greetings all:

I attach my current works in progress (if only to assure myself that I will actually finish them one of these fine days).

1. Yet another blankie (based on the "Nina" shawl pattern in the MDK book, which is wonderful). You may notice some similarities in colours with the "funky blankie" I posted below. This is because I am a BAD DAUGHTER who, faced with having ordered too much yarn for the Nina blankie (which is meant to be a christmas present for my mother), decided to make another blankie for myself instead. My excuse... waiting for the last colour to come in for the Nina one. Yarn is my ever-favourite Super 10 mercerised cotton.

2. The Perfect Sweater in progress - knitted in Fleece Artist Kid Silk. Colours in the real-life yarn are much more deep and vivid than portrayed here. Progress on this has been impeded because I have to keep stopping to rub the oh-so-soft and luxurious fabric against my skin, then listen to my husband saying "hey, why didn't you knit MY cardigan in that?" :-)

Check out my blog for specs and more info.

Both are beautiful!
Hey! Your Nina colors are almost identical to the ones my Mom chose (without knowing what they would become)for the shawl I'm making for her Christmas gift! Good work on both- keep it up!!
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