Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Ballband - Has anyone used/given it as a facecloth?

This is my very first post....I've lurked for a few months and have completed 4 ballbands and 3 bibs so far. I'm wondering related to the post about soaps...when you give a ballband (and who wouldn't want one!), do you "explain" its purpose - either for dishes or faces? I'm curious because I plan to give quite a few for Christmas gifts and I wondered if I gave it with a cute soap, if they would assume it is for use in the bath, but if I gave it with a dish soap, would they assume it is for the sink?

I personally have only used mine for dishes, and even my husband commented the other day that he really liked it! But, for gift giving, I love the idea of using a cute little soap.

So, if anyone has used it for any other purpose, I'd love to hear about it! And, if you do use/give it as a facecloth, have you used a different yarn?


I think you could "sell" the idea any way you wanted with the packaging.
I've knit a gazillion washcloths. I've never knit one with the purpose of it being used in the kitchen. I don't handwash dishes so see no point making them for the kitchen. WHen I give them away, I call them washcloths instead of dishrags for this reason.
I'm giving a bunch away for Christmas gifts -- facecloths with pretty-smelling soaps! I gave a set to my mother-in-law for her birthday and she loved it. I always use Sugar 'n' Cream for mine.
I'm also making some for Christmas, but I'm making mine with Cotton Tots. It's a LOT softer than SnC and for about $4 you can get probibly 6 or so of the 33 co. ballbands.
I combine them with different things depending on what I am intending the giftee to use them for. I think they are wonderful for face cloths - and great for dishcloths as well.

Heck, I just like em!
I have not made any of the cloths (yet)! However - one idea for a gift if you intended to have it use for the kitchen... buy a nice largish pot of jam or marmalade and then tie the facecloth around the lid with a ribbon.
I use my ballbands (made with SnC)in the bath. When giving knitted washcloths as gifts, I like to pair them with soap, and maybe a rubber duckie.
I gifted my last lot of them with baby soap and shampoo and a rubber duck. They make great face clothes.
I have given some to my mom for the kitchen and she loves them. Better than sponges. We both unfortunately don't have a dishwasher.
I've made bunches of them to use as facecloths. Actually, I use them as face towels because I like to have a fresh towel each day and they are soft and absorbent.

I added a crochet loop on the corner when I finished binding off so I hang them on a hook beside my sink.

I wash them almost weekly and they've faded a little, but have gotten softer.
I've only given them as face/bath/shower cloths. I pair them with imported soaps I find at CostPlus and The Body Shop.
Some of my friends have already asked me if I'm knitting cloths again this year and are asking for specific colours.
I love my friends. They're so easy.
; )
I've given a ton of these and every time, the recipient has told me that they are using it as a washcloth. I think it's because they feel like it's "too nice" for the kitchen.
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