Sunday, November 19, 2006


funky blankie...

Hi all:

Below please find a photo of a blanket I just finished (pre-blocking). It was inspired by the "Circle of Fun" in the Mason-Dixon book - thanks! - with some obvious additions. Yarn is Super 10 mercerized cotton.

As this is one of my first stabs at making modifications to projects, I am quite thrilled with it :-)

I must admit I've become addicted to blankets since getting the M-D book... I'm in the process of making the Nina Shawl x 2 as a Christmas gift for my mother.

Hope this finds you all well.



PS if anyone here is interested in stained glass mosaic, why not check out my blog at ? (please pardon formatting errors as I am somewhat of a luddite when it comes to this stuff)

That's really cool. It makes a fun blanket. How big did the blankie turn out? Great job!!
Really great colors and design.
I was hoping to find something new on the blog when I got up today and Wow there was your show stopping blanket. Amazing work.
WOW! That is just great! Unusual, and beautiful! NICE!

How big is it?
I love it!
I love it!
Margokaye said "show stopping" and I think that's the best term for this amazing blanket. The colors are great, striping is awesome, the way you put the whole thing together is just awesome. Congratulations! -- Sally
Wow, wow and wow. That's amazing. Great work.
Very cool!
Oh wow, that is wonderful! I love it!
Hi all:

Wow... thank you so much for your kind comments [blushing furiously]!

To answer queries by Danielle and bashirs_momma re. size - finshed size at widest points approx. 37" by 37".

For those interested in how I made it: I did first the centre pie wedge piece from the Circle-of-Fun rug in the MDK book. This worked out to 440 sts. around. I then picked up sts around the circle and did the stripes, marking it at 1/4 intervals (110 sts each)... then used the same short-row shaping in the Circle-of-Fun pattern to do the four "corners".

I had actually thought it would turn out more square shaped... but do like the shape as it turned out.

If you can't get Super 10, I think it would work quite well with the Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep - although I like the subtle glow of the mercerised cotton.

Thanks again [still blushing]

Wow! Really great job!
Great job, that looks awesome.
Pretty!! You did a super job.
I love this version!
Nice :) I love it.
Keep modifying! That is wonderful! cbshiffman
Offer pattern for sale. I am first in line for one. Havent seen anything lately that is as eye-catching. Great design,great color, great work! Remember I am first!!Me,me,me...........grumbles
Thanks, Lizzie. Pattern notes are put as an above comment in this post. If you want more specific info, Email me and I can send it to you... for free :-)
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