Saturday, November 18, 2006


Mason Dixon Mini's

Cast on 27 to make a mini Mason Dixon warshrag. It's a wonderful compliment. Posted by Picasa

What a cute mini warshrag! Great idea!
i love that idea! so cute!
Very cute!...and a great idea for a quick "set".
Cutie patootie-I love miniture's.
great idea!!
Cute mini warshrag. What size is it and what is the size does the co45 warshrag. I just bought the MDK book and am just starting my warshrag and co45 seems that it going to be way too big. I'm using sugar and cream and size 7 needles. Help!
I think the wonderfulness of this pattern is that you can alter the size and still have it work...

Great colors!
The finished washrag is the other one in the picture. I think size is all relative to what you use it for. I like to have a small one for wiping down the counter so that's why I adjusted the pattern for what I want to do. Make your first one and I think you will then see what size you will enjoy.
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