Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Are You Ready For...

...some Christmas?

Yarn: Cream 'N Sugar (red & white ombre and forest green)

Needles: Size 7


1. Made the first stitch of every row a knit stitch.

2. Carrying the *non-working* yarn in one stitch and wove it back and forth. This gave the edge a neater appearance. It was worth the little bit of extra work.

I think this one will probably end up being part of a gift for my hairdresser.

That is so cute! Love the colors.
Please, more info on "wove it back & forth"??? Sounds like it might be a nicer edge, but "help"--not sure I get it!
Take the color you are not using and lay it between the first and second stitch. It will "weave" back and forth for the rows you don't use that color. The yarn lays between the stitches so it isn't running up the side.

Hope this helps.
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