Saturday, November 11, 2006


A whole mess 'o ball band washcloths

Count 'em! Six. All knit in October and the first week of November. For three baby showers at the office last week. Gifted in pairs in a nice canvas box tote (for corralling changing table clutter), with a hooded baby towel to match, and baby bath stuff, all topped with a rubber duck. CUTE gift. Good thing they are so easy, we have a FOURTH office pregnancy announced just yesterday! I swear, it has to be something in the water!!!!

Great colors! I think those would make wonderful shower gifts, especially packaged the way you described.
do you have pictures of the gifts? they sound so cute! beautiful warshcloths. love the colors.
thanks for the nice comments.

I'll take a picture of the assembled basket next time. I was in such a hurry this time that I almost didn't even get a picture of the finished objects! The shower was the day after I got back from vacation. I was scrambling!
What a great gift idea!

There's something in the water here too---I have 4 friends who are pregnant & 3 who have given birth w/in the last 4 months.
The same mystery ingredient seems to be in the water at my workplace! I hope there'll be some let-up soon. I can't knit fast enough, LOL!

Your gifts sound just lovely -- great job!
Nice gift idea's--it sounds like you're a good co-worker.
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