Wednesday, November 08, 2006


HELP! with Felted Boxes

I am having issues today, I've finished my first felted box and I cannot figure out how to fold you fold "IN" on the rows (so they are inside the box)...or do you fold "OUT".

I've read and re-read the instructions. Can't figure which is the RS vs. WS, I checked in the archives and even held up the sides, but I don't know which way to fold...Thanks for helping.

I made a felted box the other day and I folded the "stockinette" inside the box. It made for a very nice edge and worked great. I feel your pain though, it took me a while to get it worked out!!
Hi--the stockinette side is the inside of the box. It folds easiest with that indented groove of stockinette on the inside. If you try it both ways I think you'll see that one way folds more 'naturally' than the other. Happy boxing! xox Kay
I thought that might be the correct way, but mine seem to fold nicely both ways.

Thanks for the help. I'll finish it up tomorrow...then on to the next box, I'll post them when finished.
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