Tuesday, November 07, 2006



I totally procrastinated adding the inner tie (two single crochet chains) and ribbons, but now it's finally done! And this afternoon I'll deliver it to it's new owner, Lenci. So here, finally, is my hot purple SnC Kimono! (The ribbons are purple gingham- hard to tell from the photo.)

Now I'm working feverishly to complete my Mom's Nina Shawl in time for Christmas (among other things of course...).

And I have a confession- I've tried twice now to knit the ubiquitous ballband washcloth... and I don't like knitting it!! How can this be? I just love seeing all your completed ones- the colors, the variety- and everyone seems so enthusiastic about the pattern. Could it be that the plaid pattern I tried right before it was too fun and ruined the ballband pattern for me? Was it my color selection (which even my hubby noticed looked great in the plaid stitch)? I feel like I'm really missing out on something here... My plan was to knit sets of three cloths in the same colors and different patterns for Christmas gifts, but the ballband just isn't working for me! I will try again in two solid colors (I was using a solid and a varigated) but maybe after the holidays... I hope I'll still be welcome here ;)


Ooooh, pretty kimono. Though I'm biased toward anything purple. ;)
Oh my gosh, yes I'm sure everyone would say anyone's always welcome here. Ballbands are just not your cup of tea. I'm not exactly thrilled with fair isle knitting, but right now I'm in the middle of some mittens for my sis in a north star pattern that are kinda driving me a little crazy...Your kimono is just beautiful,btw. Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I particularly like the snc color.
Well, I tried a couple ball bands, and I kept messing up on my slipped stitches. The things ended up looking wonky. That's what I get for drinking wine & watching tv while knitting!
I'm not a ballband fan, either.

That is, I love the way ballbands look, but knitting them has no appeal to me.

I believe we'll be forgiven.
I must confess I have only made one so far and I just about didn't make it out alive. I had more trouble with the ballband than any pattern to date. I will try another one but not anytime soon. My mom loves it though so it was worth it.
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