Monday, November 06, 2006


The Cow's Tail

As usual, I am the cow's tail. I think I must be one of the last people to succumb to the temptation of purchasing the Mason Dixon knitting book. In keeping with my cow's tail status I have started a project from the end of the book. I'm at work now so I will post a photo later from home. I'm knitting the "godmother" edging for a beautiful basket I bought from Claire Murray. I'll be lining the basket with a rose chintz and putting the edging on it. I'm using my favorite fiber, Paton's Grace in a deep pink. As soon as I can get to my local Wallyworld store, I'll be buying some peaches and cream to do the ballband dishcloth thus ending my cow's tail status.

Photo to be posted later this evening (I hope).

So glad to join all of you in this fun endeavor.


Welcome to the KAL! Your basket and edging sound very sweet.
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