Sunday, November 05, 2006


Log Cabin Update


It's been a long time since I've posted here. I've been making progress on my Log Cabin that I started in May. Details on my blog. :-)


Ooooooooh! I have log cabin envy! Is that some type of Brown's Sheep yarn? Cotton Fleece perhaps? I think I recognize the shiny label...
very pretty in just the blue shades!
Nice, pretty almost wintery shades of blue.
Very nice in just monotones! You are a genius! Keep on with your good work, you will be so proud in the end!
Very pretty!
That looks great, love the colours.
That is lovely!
It's gorgeous! I'd like to make one of those eventually.
WOW! Really beautiful colors! Grest job!
Nice colors, it looks wonderful! The blues are gorgeous. What yarn did you use?
It's so beautiful!
OMG - thank you all for your wonderful comments.

I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. It is so incredibly soft and warm.

I managed to get two more logs done since this post. I'm hoping by mid December to have completed
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