Friday, November 03, 2006


Modern Log Cabin Blanket

My first post on MD KAL. I completed my biggest knitting project to date-a Modern Log Cabin blanket for my youngest son. I started the blanket in July and it was completed October 16th. I chose the colors based upon those he chose for the art in his college apartment. The yarns I used were Plymouth Galway (Orange, Dark Orange, Chocolate Brown, Green, and Cream) and Nature Spun (Grecian Olive) on size 7 needles.

The colorway turned out beautifully. My son loved how it looks and actually makes his bed now- a first in his 19 years! The blanket turned out to be very large- Queen sized in fact. I love how it turned out. Now my husband wants one for us- not sure I want another Queen sized blanket, but I wouldn't mind one to curl up with on the sofa!

I simply LOVE the colors!! Such a great job too! Thanks for sharing your picture, it is inspiring me to rethink such a large project!
OMG! Looks fabulous! I want one! You probably don't want to make one for me (since I am a complete stranger to you...and garter stitch almost made me pass out when I made a moderne baby blankie for my brother) so, sigh, I will have to make one for myself. When I can stand to just knit again!
Those colors look really great! I am very impressed, and I am glad that your son has been inspired to make his bed! :-)
Cindi, very beautiful blanket and masculine colors, too. I esp love the Grecian Olive--beautiful green! Congratulations on finishing!

I've had the MD KAL book checked out from our library a few different times now and haven't completed a single item--although I do have the yarn to do the warshcloths. I enjoy thumbing thru the pictures since I'm not a real knitter--but I'm going to try!
This is just beautiful! Love those colors. Great job!
That is really nice! I think it's the perfect color combination, especially for the autumn - just when you want a nice snuggly blanket!
Wow, the colors work *very* well together! Fantastic job!
this is really beautiful! the colors are just amazing together. i can't believe it is that big! great job!
Very, very nice job. You have a lucky son.
That is super hot! I love that blanket! OMG you are awesome.
NICE colors!
very nice. Love all the fall colors.
Wow! Now that's amazing. Fabulous job.
This is a stunning blanket! I love your daring colour combination. No wonder your son loves it.
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