Thursday, November 02, 2006


Looking for Advice

I have knit a thousand baby blankets. Well maybe not a thousand but it feels that way. Has any one knit the bibs from the book and used them on a real kid? I would not want to make them for presents if they cannot hold mashed carrots.

I needed up making about 6 different ones for my daughter and they are great. The hold all the dribbles from the bottles as well as the food and then wash up great in her regular laundry. Some were going throught the wash about twice a week and are holding up great.
I have made several of them and the momma LOVES them! There are soo many different things that you can do to alter the pattern...they're really fun and easy.
One more thing...let me recommend that you color treat them if you're using cotton. I soak them in 1:1 part water and vinegar before washing them.
I have made several bibs for my son and I love them. Not only do they contain food spills (even in thinner yarn than P&C!), they are softer and more compact than bought bibs, so take less room in the diaper bag when we go out to eat.
Imade one for my granddaughter (2 3/4yr) and it works very well. She picks it from her pile of bibs! Imade one for when she is here and may do a few more. The burp cloth I knit for her baby sister shrunk so mommy uses it for a large dishcloth!
I made 4 of them for my daughter who is now 15 months, I love them. They get used eveyday. They hold up beautifully. I want to make more but have other projects to do. I'd have to say these bibs are some of if not my most useful knitting yet.
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