Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Newest Log Cabin Blankie

OK, I guess I am CRAZY, but I just finished my second Log Cabin Blankie! I made the first one out of Koigu, and my youngest daughter said, "Will you make me one?" My first answer was, "NO!" My fingers were still tired from the first one. I thought about it and decided to be a nice mother and make her one. Made this one out cotton (a mixture of Clip and Provence). Here are the pics -

That is very pretty. How did you do the border??? :-)
Hi, Robin -
I picked up all the stitches on one side, then knitted back across. Then I decided how many stitches would be in the first triangle (I just did each one randomly) and knitted them - decreasing one stitch at the beginning of each row until there is only one stitch -- then end it. For each new triangle after that, you have to start with a new end of yarn. I did each triangle a different size -- you can play around with what you like. Hope that helps.
I love the dinosaur scale edging~!
The pastel/bright combo is fabulous!
Beautiful and bright. Love the border.
Thank you all for your nice comments!
Thanks joy!
This is just amazingly beautiful. I made my first log cabin with 56 squares 9" total. I don't understand how you make ones like yours that are so large - in ONE piece..what type and size needle do you use to fit all the stitches on? I would love to try one like that.
Thank you.
Karen -
I used size 6 circular needles -- ranging from about 24 inches to 47 inches. You cast off after each color and then pick up the next round with another color. I have used as large as a 60-inch circular. I prefer Addie Turbo needles for these kinds of projects.
Hope this helps.
Beautiful blanket, I especially love the border...very original!

Happy knitting :)
Amazing! Beautiful. You have a lucky daughter! --Sally
That is something your daughter will prize her whole life.
I love it. Provence is one of my favourite cotton yarns too. Great job.
Joy--that is really, really beautiful! I know your daughter will love it. You should start one for every member of your family, if your fingers hold out! Great Job!
Just gorgeous!!I'll finish mine....someday.
That sawtooth edging is fantastic!
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