Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Opinion Wanted

I posted this on my blog but figured I would x-post it here, since I really could use everyones opinions. I finally finished my last mitered square *sigh of relief.* They were getting really monotonous and I had to force myself to finish the last one. This thing has been more than 6 months in the making. I just took the last few off the blocking board this morning and started arranging them in different blocks...I'm having a really hard time figuring out how they should go together so I thought I would take a picture to look at objectively...here you go -


So, what do you think??? What would you move around, what do you like? For those of you who have made one, how did you choose to group your squares?

Oh, and don't let the pic fool you, it's not a large blanket but it will be 36x54 before the border, a nice baby/lapsized blanket. Ok, honestly I had much more grandiose plans but I ran out of steam, and yarn =) It's still lovely and made out of Mission Falls Cotton.

Thanks everyone and happy knitting!

Lovely work! If it were mine, I would break up the middle left square, it looks a little bland compared to the rest. Regardless of what you do, it's amazing though!
See how this looks:

Keep the two lower sets of four blocks together, but rotate them so that the white-striped squares are next to the white-striped squares on the next row. Then, rotate the two upper sets of four so that darker squares are against the darker squares in the middle of the next row. That should give you a squares-within-squares look, which I really get a kick out of.
Wow, thank you both for your great ideas, I can't wait to try them!
Since the white reads the brightest, I would make sure to have at least one with white in one of the two upper squares.
I love the color combinations! I have not made one myself but i really like yours!

I am not an orderly person, so i like random designs. They look off the beaten path.
I've just been really random with how my squares are. Perhaps its going to look awful when it's all together, but I'm using a lot of different colors and going for a real multi-colored look. I haven't seen a bad mitered square blanket yet!
I love it, but I think I like the idea of separating the white squares a bit too. I love the "broken square" look, a favourite when I've sewn my two up.

Great work
Think about making yourself some "rules" for placement--for instance, no adjacent squares can have the same color. This might help you place them.

Looks beautiful!
This is so much fun, knitters are so creative! I'm going to go play with my blocks now to see what I can come up with, thank you all for your lovely suggestions and compliments! =)
Your squares look beautiful!! Post your finished blankie so we can see what you chose to place where.
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