Friday, October 27, 2006


Mega Yarn Sale at Michael's!!!

Just wanted to let all of you out there is stash-ville know that Michael's has selected colors of Sugar n' Cream on sale for 50 cents each! Don't go out there and buy it all up, though, because I may be going back! :) Enjoy!

holy smokes - I held back from Hobby Lobby $0.99 but $0.50 - I feel like it's a crime not to shop!' tuition or Sugar 'n Cream? Let me think...
oh man! I sure wish we had a local Michaels!! drats!
I guess I know where I'm going tomorrow ...
You enabler, you! :)
Waaaaaaaah! Not at my Michael's! I was just in there today looking.
not at mine either! boo! :( (not that i need any more sugar-n-cream!!!)
mine either
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