Friday, October 27, 2006


My 2nd Bib

This was knit for my cousin who is expecting her first baby - a boy! The button is a snorkel mask. It was in a pack of tropical-/vacation-themed buttons at Michaels. I love that you can make a bunch of these bibs and burp cloths with Sugar 'n Cream. With so many friends having babies, it helps to be able to make special gifts without draining my account.

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If I can get my Christmas gifts knitted early (ha) maybe I can finish a blanket before her February due date.

I just love those colors - which did you use? I agree, Sugar 'n Cream is just handy to have around the house for so many things. I'm working on assorted dishcloths for the holidays but can't wait to try my hand at the bibs.
Very nice colors for a boy, I really like that button!!!
Thanks! The colors are Hot Green and Cornflower Blue. I think the Hot Green would look good with Navy, too.
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