Monday, October 23, 2006


Burping Blanket Done!

So after a last big push last night, I finished off my stripy burping blanket. I managed to get it done with only a few "mistakes", but since it's striped, the extra ones look okay. :-D (Check out the two thicker blue stripes.) I did notice that the pattern says two rows per colour, but I think for future ones I'll be doing 4 rows, as I think it would look better. (IMHO of course) The lighter yarn is a cream with blue flecked Sugar n' Cream (I didn't keep the wrapper, so I'm not sure of the exact colour), and the straight blue is a denimy cotton yarn (I forget which brand). I'm quite pleased.

Good job! I haven't attempted a burp cloth yet, because it looks like sooo much work. One of these days....
the pic didnt show up for me :O( I wanna see, it sounds so pretty! -going to pout now LOL
Very nice - and the 'mistakes' just look like a design feature and make it original!
Very nice! I LOVE it! I'm making a burping blanket, too. I'm using Joann's sensations classic brushed yarn. I'm curious as to how many stitches did you cast on? I want mine to be a throw type blanket for an adult and I hope I am making it big enough.
Happy Knitting :)
I love it and the mistakes!
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Hakucho, I cast on 50 stitches, and I knit two rows on both the top & bottom to "frame" the blanket a bit. (Plus it made it easier to knit at the beginning.)
Looks great
Thanks, looniegirl!
Do you think 150 stitches with a slighly heavier weight yarn (not cotton) would be big enough for an adult blankie? I hope so...don't really want to start frogging...although now would be the time before I get too invested in it!
Maybe if I start working on a burping blanket my daugher will get pregnant! For the last 3 years all that I have are granddogs! Start praying!

I have granddogs! They don't need burping blankets! Do you think if I start knitting one, that my daughter will get pregnant?!
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