Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hobby Lobby to the rescue!

Just in case you all don't have 27 balls of sugar & cream in your stash or you thought of 3 more people who you must make a gift for - Hobby Lobby comes to your aid in your hour of need!

It's on sale again this week $0.99 for Sugar & Cream! Happy Knitting All!

I'll keep you posted!
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It's really a conspiracy, isn't it? If you didn't get to Michael's last week you can go to Hobby Lobby this week & probably to AC Moore the week after that! It's like taking an alcoholic by a row of liquor stores!

Hi, my name is Laurie & I am powerless against 99cent sugar & cream sales!

"Hi Laurie!"
As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short -- ordered 20 skeins of Hot Blue SnC 2 days before I heard about the Michael's sale.
I'm powerless---I bought 6 more skeins today ( 2 more white, emerald, grape, bright navy & twilight ombre)
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