Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Log Cabin Help!

What are some good yarn suggestions for a log cabin blanket? I would like to make one for MIL but it would see a lot of use and she generally doesn't read directions when it come to washing...cold water...hang dry. So, I am turning to the experts here! Suggestions?

Here's my un-yarn-snobish type suggestion: I like caron brand simply soft. It's not really expensive, it's acrylic so it's very washable, and it has alot of nice colors. It's also nice to work with. You can get it at Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and it costs about $3 for 6 oz. I think a 3 oz. skein at Hobby Lobby was about $1.27. Hope that helps. I also have seen some new yarn out there that was a red heart soft brand that is acrylic, but I haven't tried it so I hesitate to recommend it. Good luck.
I'm doing one w/ sock yarn. I really love that it's so soft and warm without being heavy. It's also machine washable just like your socks! --Sally
I'm using Coats & Clark TLC Cotton Plus, a worsted weight cotton/acrylic blend. It's soft, machine washes and dries well, feels good to knit with and has a nice drape (if that's what you call it) when you knit in garter stitch, and it comes in pretty, sort of subdued colors, if that's what you like. I bought it at Crafts and Stuff, but they may be only in Fla. Michael's probably has it too.
I'm with Danielle on this one, Caron Simply Soft, I'm finishing one with it right now. And it's wonderful.
What needle size with the Caron and how long did it take?
I've made two Log Cabins: one with Cotton Ease and one with Simply Soft. I have a third with Simply Soft on the needles now.

I recommend Simply Soft over Cotton Ease only because Cotton Ease is gone from the shelves now.

I used size 8 needles with my blankets. I never knit monogamously, so don't know how long a blanket would take if that's all you were knitting.

One of mine took three months (I got distracted by socks) and one of them took about a month.
How 'bout Woolease, LB Homespun, Cascade220 Superwash (Superwash wool is washable), kitchen cotton?

It took me 24 days to knit my first log cabin, although I pretty much knit on it, exclusively. The second took 12 days. But, that's in MY world.
Try Knitpicks. They have a bunch of washable yarns for really good prices. And they are 100% wool.
I am using Elann Sonata. I like it - is easy to work with and is machine washable/dryable.

Have fun with the LCB!!
Similar to Caron SS is Bernat Satin, which is what I'm going to be using for mine. Not sure how it compares in price, but it's around the same pricepoint, I think.
I crocheted an afghan with Simply Soft about 8 years ago. I have small children and I have washed and dried that afghan many, many times. It is still soft and pretty. I would definitely use it again.
I made one log cabin with Simply Soft on size 8 needles and I have one right now on size 7. I really like the softness of the yarn and I think that for a child or a baby it is perfect b/c it is washable and it isn't to expensive. You don't have to worry that they are going to 'ruin' it by using it!
another choice is Plymouth Encore--it's 75%acrylic/25%wool. just enough wool to feel like wool but it's machine wash and dryable!
i'm using it now for a sweater and it's very nice! it's available at a great price on webs ( but all these other choices are great too! :o)
I'm making one out of wool ease right now. I like how it's turning out and love the colors but my fingertips are drying out. I'm using a smaller needle then reccomended on the ballband but I like it and I think it'll be a bit warmer this way. It'll be for covering up my son's infant carrier this winter as I run him to and from the car so it really does need to hold the heat in well.
I've been reading the other posts, and Kelpkim has a point--I also like plymouth encore yarn. In fact I'm using alot of it in my log cabin right now. Just depends on what kind of yarn feel you like. Lots of great choices everyone is giving. It's so interesting to hear all the different views, isn't it?
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