Sunday, October 15, 2006


Knitting in Mexico ....... Mason Dixon Style!

Just returned from Mexico... knitting in the pool... it doesn't get any better!  Posted by Picasa

That's the best knitting-in-public photo I've ever seen! I've knitted at the beach and on a dock in the Fla. Keys, but never in a pool!
Ooooooh, I'm turning green with envy over here!
Lucky duck!! Knitting in a pool--wow, what a vacation!
I hope to do the same thing in a month! Going to Cancun with the girls!! What were you knitting?
Even your yarn looks like vacation!
oh you are a lucky girl. Mexico and knitting! Did you get any weird looks or anyone ask what you were knitting?
We need to seriously get rid of this aversion to public knitting! That's where I get all my good knitting done. I commute 3 hours a day to go to work on the subway which is prime knitting time.
In my photo I'm making a washrag (still good if it gets wet!). Some people asked what I was doing.... no strange looks though and if there were some, phooey on them. When I was in my lounge chair I had on my ipod listening to my favorite knitting podcasts!
Sweet! Let's just go for it!
I love to KIP! I get more people to rethink knitting and it is a TOTAL conversation starter!
I thought yuo were knitting something else. With your dishclothes folded like that I had the idea that they would make a great case for glasses if you stitched the edge. HMMMMM something else to knit!
I'm all in favor of PDks (public displays of knitting)
Thanks for sharing the inspiration
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