Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Baby girls are soooo cute!

And what baby girl wouldn't be even cuter with this ensemble?

More information on my blog, BzzLaraBzz.

Your bib and burb cloth are adorable. I love the ruffle. Thanks for reminding me why I bought Knitting on the Edge. I can't wait to finish my holiday knitting and have time to knit something for myself and replenish my baby item stash.
that bib is just adorable and the burp cloth is a wonderful match! what a beautiful job! i need to get that book! just gorgeous ruffle!
that is so cute! I think that is seriously the cutest baby bib I have ever seen, and I have seen bunches! Where did the pattern for the ruffle come from?
I LOVE this!!! I agree with Linda...must pull out my copy of Knitting on the Edge. Thanks for sharing!
Hey--I have knitting over the edge, also a great book for inspiration. Beautiful job on the bib and burp cloth, btw. Great colors. Very sweet ruffle.
LOVE the lacey ruffle at the bottom. I have a new nephew - darn! Maybe like you I'll make up some girly ones just because!
The ruffle came from Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein. There are lots of great ruffles in there.

Thanks everyone!
did you add the ruffle before or after the bib was knitted? thank you! sweetbeaker.
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