Monday, October 09, 2006


Champagne Bubbles Curtain

Was thinking about knitting up the Bubbly curtain on page 44. Has anyone knitted this curtain? Did you use a substitute yarn? The Euroflax yarn is $18 skein and I'd rather find a more affordable substitute. Thanks!


How about Elann's Canapone?
thank you. I'll check that out!
I believe that someone on one of the early months of this blog made it with crochet cotton?
i used maggies linen, it came out great. its on my back door.
I am making one right now out of SWTC Bamboo and I am loving it. Unfortunately, at $15.00 per skein it may even be more expensive than the Euroflax Linen when you factor in yardage. But I chose a color and fiber that I love because it is going in my tiny cubicle at work and I want it there like a binky to comfort me! Good luck!
I'm planning to make the curtain with crochet cotton - glad to hear someone else has tried it so maybe I can find the post rather than dither with the needle size/cast-on count!

I bought some "other" linen at my LYS that was $7+ for 230 yds for the handtowel. Made in Italy with viscose. Could squeeze 2 towels out of 3 skeins probably at a slightly lower avg price.
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