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Grosgrain ribbon question

I have been a member for several months now, but I've never actually posted any of my fo's. To see some pics, visit here to see my blog. I finished this kimono set this weekend, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. The only thing I don't know what to do about are the ends of the grosgrain ribbon. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to treat the ends so that they do not unravel? I have a couple ideas, but I wanted to know what you guys think. Thanks in advance for the suggestions and keep on knitting!

Great job! Your kimono and cap are beautiful. To keep the ribbon from fraying you can fold the ends over and sew. You can buy a product called Fray Check at your craft store. You can also melt the ends with a lit match. Practice on scrap ribbon first if you use the melting method.
You made a darling kimono. I love the color ribbon you chose. It matches the hat perfectly.
I agree w/ Karen about the ribbon ends. Your hat and kimono are both really sweet. I like the pink flower on the hat, and the ribbon on the kimono really sets the whole set off.
The thing that used to be done before chemical products was to cut the ends with either pinking shears or into an inverted "V"---like an arrow pointing up the length of the ribbon.......

I don't know the composition of the fray product, but since it's for baby use, I personally would rather not use any 'product'.

Just sayin'.
I usually melt them. You can also use clear nail polish, which I guess wouldn't cause any trouble if the baby sucks on the ends or something (people bite their nails all the time, right?)
Too sweet! I always melt my ribbon ends with a match. :-)
yup. I use a lighter to melt the ends. Worked great on the grossgrain I used on the baby kimono. (First learned how to do this on my pointe shoe ribbons as a little girl! It's a great trick.)
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