Saturday, October 07, 2006


Felted Box

Yet another of the "I'll never make that" patterns from MDK...



I used three strands of Paton's Classic Wool (2 green; 1 brown) and size 15 needles. Pre-felting it was 8" x 9" x 6"; post-felting it is 7" x 7" x 4". I did make one goof and didn't secure one corner well enough before felting, so it looks messy. Does anyone know if I can re-sew it and re-felt it? Or will that make it worse? TIA,


WOW!!! I want that! It reminds me of Mint Chocolate Chip. Great color combo & super job on the felting:)
Seeing all these really nice felted boxes makes me want to do some too. That's the thing about this kal--I always see things I want to try asap. So many patterns, so much yarn, so little time.....nice job,btw.
You should be able to re-sew the corner and refelt it with no problem. Just secure the corner, weave your ends in, and throw it back in the wash. Your box looks great!
Thanks, everyone. I cannot recommend the Paton's wool highly enough. I've felted three things with it now (a Booga Bag, a MD buttonhole bag and this) and it makes a felt that shows no sign of the knit stitches! it's amazing...

Those colors are amazing together. Great job.
Love the colors you chose! Your felted box looks great, and fixing the corner and re-felting will work out fine.
Well, I dont' know if I did something wrong, but re-felting did NOT work. :( It didn't felt enough to look good, but it felted too much to pull out... :(
wow, I love the brown and green together!
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