Monday, October 02, 2006


Log Cabin Grocery Bags

This is the third in a series of grocery bag rugs, and I think this is by far the best! I am most pleased with the finished result, although there were times when I wondered why I started this. It's a little harder to pick up stitches with the bags than with yarn yarn because the bags are stickier than the yarn. It's very squishy to stand on, and knitted up much tighter than my other ones. I have no idea how many bags it took. More than a lot! Hopefully it will find a good home with a lucky friend or relative this holiday season!

wow it looks great! I can't believe you picked up stitches made of grocery bags!

Love this! Did you cut the bags into calemari loops, or use them whole?
Oh, stop--you did not. This is the coolest variation on MDK I've seen yet.
Calamari loops- about an inch each. Ruined a pair of scissors and plastic circular needles- size 12? 13? ish? Let's just say they're not so much "ruined" as much as "the official bag knitting implements." Don't use anything you ever want to use for anything else in the future, is more the point.

Thanks for the nice comments! I had my doubts along the way, but I'm really glad that others have nice things to say. -Mariel
That is VERY cool! And indestructable, hose-down-able,
That's very neat. What made you think of it? I agree with Judy, it will be basically indestructable. So colorful too. Neat-o.
wow, that's insane..i love it though!
Wow, I wish my local store used anything but white bags. Can't exactly RIT dye them like T-shirts. :-)
It turned out great! Love the colours. I must start collecting pretty-coloured bags (and hiding them from DH...shhh).
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