Sunday, October 01, 2006


Pink Bib O Love

This is my first post! Attending a baby shower today and although the invitation says "This shower is about celebration, not presents" I decided to make a little Bib O Love for the babe to be because she is the first girl, with two older brothers. I used Conshohocken Softball cotton and the bib is as soft as can be.

I also have a question...I have started a miter-square twin-sized blanket for my daughter's bed (she actually still sleeps in a crib (she's 18 mos) but I'm planning ahead! I'm planning to line it in cotton flannel and then be able to use it as a duvet in the winter and put a down comforter in the pocket between the blanket and the flannel. Anyway, my question: I'm using a mixture of Cotton-Ease, Cotton Rich and All Seasons Cotton (gauge works well) but I am concerned about how this will wear. Will it wash well...or pill? Obviously I'd like it to hold up for, well, years and years.


just lovely.. I am planning on making some for my sons- they are 4 months and 3 years..
We bib maker's are just cranking them out on this kal. Nice bib, it does look soft. I wish I could tell you about those particular yarns--someone on the kal will probably know. Happy knitting.
That's such a cute bib. I think it's classy that the baby shower invitation stated that gifts were unnecessary. Makes me wanna give even more :)
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