Friday, September 29, 2006


Baby Kimono

I made this for a friend who just had a baby--a 9 pounder so I made the kimono a little bigger. I used size 8 needles and added an inch to the sleeve and length measurements. I started out with 2 balls of pink and 2 of the variegated color, and what I had left is in the bottom right corner. The socks and hat finished the deal!
PS I used a long circular needle and did both front sides of the kimono at once (by joining another ball of yarn). I think it went pretty fast that way.

I like your kimono so much. Your color choices are just great. Wonderful gift for the baby and Co.
How clever, working both sides at the same time. I love the colors. 9 pounders tend to be only children :-)
What a great idea about working both sides at once. That's my kind of knitting! Thanks for the inspiration and your baby things are beautiful!
the whole gift is just beautiful! great job!
Such a cute set! The colors are great!
Working both sides at once makes me think of sock knitting with 2 circular needles instead of dpn's. Neat idea! Beautiful baby set, by the way. They are lucky to get such a nice gift.
Beautiful work and I love the little hand and foot in the photo! xoxo Kay
I love your color choses and it's so clever to knit both at the same time. I've knit one myself, with a circular needle and I didn't even think about knitting both at the same time. Even if I did I didn't have another skein anyways.

Good job :)
Looks so cute!

I've knit sweater sleeves that way so that I'd be sure to make them the same. As I finished my most recent kimono, I found myself wondering why I didn't do exactly what you did.
I love this baby set. Great job!
What a creative use of solids and varigateds! Thanks for posting the picture!
Such a beautiful combo! I'm sure that mom and baby will love it!
I love the colors and the adorable little one peeping in the picture! :)

i see a little chubby chocolate hand and foot!!! ;)

I'm getting a chuckle out of suzann's comment about 9 pounders being only children. My daughter was 10 lbs 11 oz & I fear being the woman on CNN w/ #2 saying "yes, we thought he'd be big but not THIS big"
Let me add my two cents about 9 pounders. My first two were almost 9 and a half pounds, #3 was 10 lbs. and my fourth was 10lbs. 11 oz. Was I supposed to stop after the first?
Thank you all so much for your kind comments! The new mom liked the gift, and it fit!
Super cute! I love the color combination.
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