Thursday, September 28, 2006


MDK Ornament

She could be an angel, my daughter said she looks like Carmen Miranda. I used the mitered square pattern (free) from Elann. One square double sized the other three followed the pattern. I will post directions at my Blog
She measures 3 inches long and 2 1/4 wide. Regia sock yarn on those nasty 000 needles :-)

I love it. I want to make one too.
Too Cute, Thanks for sharing!!
As long as it's not a voodoo doll!

(Just to be safe, don't stick pins in it or anything.)

What a kooky-kool idea! xox Kay
Oh, how sweet...thanks for helping me avoid the temptation to trim my tree with warshrags!
Looking at the beautiful items on your blog, it is pretty clear that you are one of those super talented knitters just looking for a new challenge! :)
That is way cool. It'll make a great christmas ornament. I know what you mean about those teeny weeny needles. They make my fingers ache when I use them. You're very creative and inventive.
Thank you ladies, but I am no more creative then any woman with her husband home for a week. Who must knit in spurts because he wants to alphabetize her spice rack. And who says "Are you still knitting?"

You could do a Christmas tree, by overlapping the mitered squares, going from big to small.
I am still looking for 000 needles!
Debbie I got the needles at
They come in a set, of three different sizes. And they are color coded. Quite inexpensive. I could only find them in double point. And really for something this small, I think any other kind of needle would be too clumsy.
I will put the link up on my blog too.
Have fun :-)
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