Tuesday, September 26, 2006


New person

Hi - I'm Joan and new to this blog - have already done 1 M-D knitting project - the ever famous ballband warshrag. It was easy and turned out rather well. Will post a pic when I'm able - Am now working on a log cabin afghan -and what a lot of fun it is turning out to be! Here's how it's looking so far (please excuse the quality of the photo). I'm enjoying the process as there's very little counting that needs to be done - other than rows. If anyone has suggestions for additional colors, I'm all ears!
On my way to work, but will post later. Thanks, Cristina and hope to see everyone's work. It's a terrific book and the projects are real things we can all use:)
Have a terrific day, everyone:)

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I love the log cabin afghans, yours looks really nice so far. As for colors--just go nuts. The more the better. Unless you're trying to match something else. Keep up the good work!!
Hey, it's me again...just wanted to say if you want to see my log cabin blanket you can go to my blog: http://aknittingmom.blogger.com. It's still the same size as it is in the picture because I've been working on some bib's from the book. I'm waiting to post until they're all done.
Danielle - what a great idea! I will try to go nuts (not hard for me to do, believe me, LOL!)
Take care,
Ooh! Nice blanket! Love the colors you have so far! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)
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