Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hand Towel!

I used the whole ball of green cotton, and actually had it hanging on the fridge for a week until washing it (and shrinking it) yesterday in the laundry. Last night, as my dearest BF was washing his hands, he looked over and said, "Hey! You finished it!" I agreed, and offered it to him to dry his hands. "How does it work?" I asked. "Works great!" He proclaimed, showing his dry hands.
Ah the luxury of the mundane.
The green matches my kitchen, and I plan on making more kitchen accessories and tools. I even inspired my mother (the previous recipient of M-D dishrags) to crochet her own nylon mesh dish scrubby!
(I'm going to end up one of those fine ladies with doilies over all my furniture, aren't I? It's okay, Tell me, I can take the truth from all y'all.)
Happy Knitting!

Great colors!
Love it. It looks so soft and earthy. Those are my colors too. I love greens. Nice work.
As long as you don't have plastic covers on the furniture, you can have as many handknits around as you like and not worry about turning into anyone's grandmother.
We can form a 'society' of fine ladies that have doilies and handknits on every available surface!

Btw...I love the green "tiki" god figure. He's adorable!
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