Friday, September 22, 2006


Log Cabin Fever Continues

I am officially addicted to the Modern Log Cabin baby blankets. Here is the first I completed. I am working on my third! It helps that my friends keep having babies.

You can see some progress pictures of the other blankets here, if you wish, and I'll return to post the finished shot of blanket number 2 when I finish it ~ which, even though I'm working on the border, will be a while since I ran out of yarn!

I'm using the Elann Cotton Sonata and LOVE it, even though the cotton is no friend to my fingers. The stitch definition is lovely.


Your log cabins are lovely and your blog is a hoot! I can't wait to try this pattern (I hate Christmas knitting already, sob).
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I love the colours--look great.
My heavens, your baby blankets are breathtaking! What beautiful work! Thank you for posting!
That looks geat! I love those colors. Nice and bold
I checked out your blog, and your knitting is beautiful. I love the baby blankets. They look fabulous!!
Your blanets are beautiful. Nice colors.
What are the directions for the border on page 75? (I copied the directions to take on vacation and forgot to bring that page!)
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