Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hi, all! Finally getting around to posting a couple of FO's. First, the moss grid hand towels, made as a wedding gift in cream and blue Euroflax. Had to drop needle size down to a 3 to get gauge on this. Also did a baby bib o' love for a cousin's new baby. Used some leftover tahki cotton classic, did a seed stitch border, and placed a sailboat motif from design your own kids knits in the center. Found an adorable sailboat button that exactly matches the motif which unfortunately doesn't show up too well in the photo. Thanks for all the inspiration!

You handtowels are beautiful! Did they take more than one skein to make? I just started my first moss stitch hand towel and am only making the gauge swatch right now and it seems way off. Good to know that it might be better to switch to smaller needles.
Beautiful towels and the bib is so cute!
Congrats on finish the handtowels they look great!
OK, that bib is too cute!
Ahoy the bib! Was that intarsia or duplicate stitch?

It rocks!
Ahoy the bib! Was that intarsia or duplicate stitch?

It rocks!
WOW! That motif is AWESOME! Great job! The hand towel is well done too!!!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I believe that each handtowel took a little less than one 270 yd. skein. I should have made a washcloth with the leftover! As for the bib, I'm terrible at intarsia so I duplicate stitched it.
The handtowels are great. The bib is so cute too. I plan on making a towel or two for my next project. Working on the baby kimono right now. About 50% done.

Laura :)
I am so impressed with you!
Very nice towels! Love the ivory!
Oh, that bib is great!! I love it. I also don't do intarsia, I hate it. Your duplicate stitching is remarkable. Awesome job!!
Beautiful work!
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