Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ballband Sweater

Ballband sweater, someone posted this on the Monthly Dishcloth yahoogroup, it definitely has potential if its not insanely heavy. I may have to make one for my daughter now, she's only 2 so it wont be so big.

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I posted it.. Good idea for a child's sweater.
I see thAt the pattern writer is Lorna originator Lorna's Laces. She has some gorgeous patterns.
I saw that too. I though it was cool.
definately looks interesting and easy
I love it but I worry that if I were wearing it and somebody spilled something, I'd lie down on the counter to wipe it up. LOL, to me this pattern cannot be disassociated from the idea of a dishrag. xoxo Kay
I'm not sure why it would be heavy - unless you made it out of the Peaches 'n Cream or Sugar 'n Cream. The sample was made out of Lamb's Pride worsted.

But, Kay's right - this pattern will, now and forever more, be associated with a washcloth.
Very entertaining, this zany outbreak of Ball Band WarshRags. First the bath mat, then the baby hat, the floor mop cover and now the sweater. Before we know it we will over fill our homes and lives with this applied design. But it is fun to see the take offs related first design in the book. Must be a treat for the authors to see people soak up the idea and freely applying it to so many unexpected usages. The creative spirit lives.I must confess to making about 40 warshrags during the summer heat....bringing in the colors of the garden.
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