Monday, September 18, 2006 finish.....!

So, I have finished over 30 inches of my 50 inch log cabin throw and have lost intrest! I was hoping that wouldn't happen, I've kept another project going (socks) to keep me busy and everything. After going away for the weekend and taking the easy to travel with socks, I really don't want to take the blanket back out of the bag! Eeeek! Need to finish, so I can move on with my life!


You know, Kristina, some people will undoubtedly disagree with me but when I hit that kind of wall on a project I just tuck it neatly aside for a while and do something I'll enjoy. That project is going to still be waiting when you come back to it later -- even if it's months later (although if it goes a year without me being able to force myself to pick it back up, it takes a swim in the frog pond). Hopefully when you do get back to it, you'll be able to recapture your imagination and enthusiasm. If you can't bear to turn your back on your log cabin quite that decisively, maybe try working on it only every other day? I'm currently doing two afghans that way, one that I love and one that makes me want to wring my own neck for ever starting it. Alternating between them is keeping me sane while still getting the Project From Hell finished ;)
I take these projects with me when I know I will be sitting in a car waiting for my husband and will have nothing else to do! It forces me to work on them. <><
This is EXACTLY why I always have more than one project on the sticks. My family of non-knitters thinks I'm insane/obsessed, but they just don't understand. LOL.

Cast on for a new project and go back to the afghan. My usual thing is to have one big project going as well as two or sometimes three little ones going.
Putting a project aside sometimes makes more sense than anything else. I keep something simple on the needles at all times, "just in case." When I started to burn out a bit on my Log Cabin (still growing; pictures coming soon), I picked up a seed-stitch scarf I'd been working on before. I call it a palate-cleanser.

And never mind if the item is something that has to be finished up to be given as a gift; I've found that IOUs for handknits are always gladly accepted!
Is the afghan being done as a gift for a 50th birthday or anniversary? I remember reading that somewhere and I thought it was you. If it is, I know how you feel about getting tired of a project, but you seemed so excited about giving this as a gift. Perhaps a couple quick finsihes on something will inspire you to get back to this in time to give it as a gift. Good luck!
You can do it! I'm slogging through a never-ending Ruana right now, and I hear you. I keep doing little one off projects and KAL---and then just come back to it, little by little. A night here. A movie there. A car trip there. You WILL get it done. You will. And you rock for getting so far!
Kristina, I have a couple ideas here..
1. If you bind off those stitches with a crochet hook, instead of knitting needles, it goes MUCH faster and seems to speed things up.
2. In a month or so, it's going to be cooler and it's going to feel good to have that afghan on your lap as you work on it. A good movie on a cool day, should help you get a lot done.

And..last but not least..does it have to be 50inches? I just finished one that is 45 inches square and it is a much nicer size than I thought it would be

Thanks everyone! It's nice to know that everyone hasn't blissed out on their blankets and finished in a few weeks! I have unitl the first week in January, I'm sure I'll get there (45inches is a good idea Jillie). And I'm in LOVE with the pair of socks I'm working on right now!
I'm also working on a log cabin right now, and I've been doing other little mdk things too. I think if you're in love with the sock's right now, knit them for awhile. Sooner or later what inspired you in the first place about your log cabin will probably come back and make you want to knit some more on it. If you never feel inspired to work on it again, you can always finish off what you have and call it a day. Good luck!!
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