Friday, September 15, 2006


Baby Kimono question

I have two questions with the baby kimono. 1) After I cast on 40 sts and working in garter stitch for 4 inches ending with WS row, do I knit the WS and then the first CO3 are done on the right side or do I start with the first CO3 on the WS. I am having a knitting brain freeze and question 2) how do I CO using the thumb or backward loop method. I have never heard of this before. Is there somewhere online I can look this up or is it easy for something to post it for me. Thank a bunch. The kimono is for my best friend's sister who is due in January so I need to have it done by then which I am sure I will. I will post a picture before I give it to her. Thanks again.



I also had never done either of these methods, and this is a great site for any knitting related questions. =)
At this point right/wrong side doesn't really matter but "ending with ___row" means the last row of the sequence will be a ___row.

I prefer knitting on the additional stitches rather than using the basic CO but I have done kimonos both ways with no problem.
I second She has videos that show what she's talking about--very helpful!
I went on the website. That site is great. And Lynn thanks for your help on the other problem.
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