Friday, September 15, 2006


WIP...Circle of Fun Bathmat

I've start a Circle of Fun Bathmat. It is really fun to knit especially after finishing my log cabin blanket with its long long long rows. I love knitting the short rows. The yarn I am using is Sugar & Cream. I'm knitting it up with 3 strands of each color on size 13 needles. The colors are Natural Ombre and Ecru. After knitting three triangle segments last week and knitting with size 15 needles, I didn't like the openess of the stitches so I frogged it. Be warned, when frogging something using so many balls of yarn, it can turn into a big tangled mess. Now I'm happy again but my arms do get tired knitting with 3 strands ;)
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It looks very nice, how did you fix your openness problem?
It looks very nice.
It looks great. Have fun
Good to know about the three strands. I found my arm hurt alot when I made my rag rug with the big needles. I think I'll keep on knitting projects with one strand :)
Beautiful work!
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