Thursday, September 14, 2006


My stupid question ...

I want to make the bath mat, but I don't have double worsted ... my question ... how many strands of worsted must I hold together when I knit it??
~ Sherri

I'm headed out the door but I used 4 strands on mine. I've got more info on my blog site but can't remember which month I posted it in! Try June or July. if not there, then maybe May. Believe Absorba was in the title.

I also made the Absorba with 4 strands of worsted, and I used size 13 needles. It really worked out great!
I am making bathmats with 3 strands and using size 11 needles, it is working out just fine
I made my circle of fun bathmat with 2 strands and it is soft and absorbend enough.
I'm the lunatic who used 6 strands on size 15s. Call me crazy, but I tried fewer strands and it just wasn't soft and squishy enough! You can see a photo here on my blog:
Whoops! I see the URL is too long to get directly to the post, so if you'd like to see a ballband bathmat done with 6 strands just go to my blog and look up the August 7, 2006 post.
I'm another lunatic working on a six-strand absorba on size 15s. I'm only on the third section, so I can't say it's a piece of cake yet, but I haven't had any shooting pain yet, and I love how thick and squishy it is.
I used 4 on 15's, I think. Look on my blog.
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