Thursday, September 14, 2006


Moderne Log Cabin

This blanket was a ton of knitting. Substituted Sugar'n Cream cotton and started with a 12 x 12 square following the pattern design for a completed blanket measuring 60" x 50". Love the drape of this cotton and it was VERY inexpensive to make. For added shape, I finished with an I-cord bind off edging.

Live to Ride - Love to Knit

Looks great!! Did you use balls or cones?? Did it take a lot??
Does the Sugars and Cream cotton hold its shape? How does it feel as a blanket? I am wanting to make a blanket using it but was a little worried.
May I ask how you did the I-cord at the edge?
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I love it, that is probably my next project after the absorba is done.
Oh wow- beautiful!
At last count, it took about 20-22 balls of S&C. Tip: Be sure to purchase enough of the same color lot. I found different dye lots are dramatically different. It does hold it's shape and it has a good weight as a blanket and I've used it many times already to cover up. For added shape, I added the I-cord edging. I will take care washing in cold water and cool dry to maintain the colors as I know this yarn fades easily.

I Cord (using 2 dpns): Cast on 3 sts. *With same tip of needle or crochet hook, pick up and K1 st from ridge of blanket for 4 stitches on needle. Next row: K2, ssk. Slide 3 sts just worked to other end of 2nd dpn and bring yarn around back of work, repeating from * across blanket.
The icord edging looks great!
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