Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Kimono in action

I'm dying, just dying! I received a wonderful note from my coworkers wife saying she was having a hard time not framing the baby set ("The thought of it covered in spit-up is almost too much!"). He just sent me some shots of the kimono in action - I know there've been requests for such pix. The booties look a skosh too big but the kimono fits perfectly (some people thought it looked awfully short, and it does, but it looks perfect on)! He's fairly big - 9+ lbs - for a recent-born, but it looks like he'll be able to wear it for a little while. Soooo sweet!

Very sweet.
Great job, what a cutie.
Love those baby shots of knitting in action. He IS so cute!
Thanks for the inspiration. It is darling.
I could just eat him!!! Your kimono and booties are very beautiful. They look very comfy on. : )
I love it. I will be making one for my friend's sister. Her baby is due in January.
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