Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hello Kitty

When I saw the idea for embellishing jean jackets with knits in the Mason-Dixon book I knew I had to try it. I started collecting jackets from garage sales and thrift stores. Here is my first try, for a little girl I know who likes Hello Kitty. The yarn is different sport weight odds and ends from my stash.

hmmm now that is cute. i didn't particularly like the ones in the book but thats cute. i might have to try that. i got 5 kids to practice with! ;)
I think this is the first one on the knitalong. Bravo! Gotta love Hello Kitty! xoxo Kay
That looks great -- I'm sure she'll love it!
I love Hello Kitty. The jacket looks great.
I love Hello Kitty, too. Adorable.
Oh - now this is just truly, truly fabulous!

(is it wrong of me to be envious of a small child? I think I covet this jacket! That's one lucky little girl, I am sure she will love it....)
How cute! What a great idea. My daughter would love that. I liked the idea in the MDK book, because I have an older son and younger daughter. This is a way to hand down his jackets, make them look fresh, new, and girlie.
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