Monday, September 11, 2006


Kimono, Log Cabins, and Nesting Boxes, Oh MY!

OK, this time Blogger's finally letting me post some pictures; I hope it works! This is from June, my first baby kimono for a very special newborn girl, whose brother was born last May and only lived an hour. Naturally, her birth was an extra-big deal, and I wanted to give her something extra-special.

OK, the felted log cabin mat is a bit lopsided, but on the whole, the set came out well. This set was also from June, as a gift for my best friend's birthday. She'd just had her house remodeled, and these are the colors of her family room. She was SO excited.

Ooops, out of order. Anyhow, these are from May, my first attempt at log cabin knitting. The Preemie Project needed some soft blanket squares for NICUs, so I grabbed some soft acrylic (crummy yarn, but very soft and washable, the kind of stuff the NICUs love) and made a few. I was laid up in bed at the time, and this helped keep me entertained.

This stash-busting WIP has been lurking in my basket for a while. Our best friends got a puppy, and this is a blanket for her. It's some hand-me-down Aunt Lydia's rug yarn. The green and cream is a nice-feeling cotton. The blue and white are, however, some hideous polyester. The recipient, however, is a dog, so she doesn't care.

My oh my you have been busy! Everything looks wonderful. I love the felted boxes with the log cabin mat. The colors are so "fallish". And what a lucky dog to get a log cabin blanket!
My dog would love that blanket, I've been thinking of making her one, but it is WAY down the list.
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