Sunday, September 10, 2006


Baby Bib-O-Love meets Vivian Høxbro!

If you
had told me I was going to be
knitting baby bibs and dishrags 6 months ago I would have said, uh..... no.... but
here I am... Those Mason Dixon Knitting gals really got me hooked with their book
and pretty soon I was also reading their blog, the KAL and knitting bibs.

I was in one of our many LYS's the other day and the
owner was doing something called "domino" knitting. Always
curious, I asked, "What is that?" One thing led to another and soon I
was reading Vivian
book, "Domino
". Of course, the first
thing you are to do is to make her 9 basic squares. OK, I didn't make ALL 9, but
there was one that caught my eye, #9. She called it "beaded". Vivian,
like Ann and Kay, is big on the virtues of the garter stitch.

I just had to make one
of those cute bibs and

Baby Bib-O-Love meets Vivian

The beads
are basically a slipped stitch
worked over 2 rows of garter stitch in a contrasting color, aka a mosaic
garter stitch

Here is a
shot of my bib in fuchsia and green:

These tropical colors
are courtesy of Tahki, Cotton Classic. A detail shot of the beads can be
found on my blog
as well as a description of the pattern stitch.

For the
bib pattern, refer to your copy of "Mason Dixon Knitting".

Whichever way you
choose to do the
colors, or the bead/stripe patterns,
this technique is a great addition to your pattern stitch techniques and looks
like you did a lot of work, when you didn't. And, who doesn't like



Way cute! I'm going to have to try that.
how cool! I have to check out the pattern soon.
This bib and technique are beautiful -- I'm going to give it a try! Thanks for your inspiration.
Very attractive variation on the theme of Baby Bib o' Love.Lucky baby and mom.
I just love the beaded stitch bib you made and the color combo you picked is perfect! Very nice work:)
what a great pattern. thank you for sharing it with us. i love it! i can't wait to put it to use!
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the technique too. I plan to give it a try.
I LOVE THIS! So inspired.
Brilliant! Will definitely incorporate it into something... hmm - maybe a kimono??? Or will that make me crazy with all the binding on? Maybe I should stick to a bib for first try.
Well your idea made get my book out and make some squares! I got out my Modular knitting also. Now that book has some challenges in it!
The bib is great BTW.
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