Thursday, September 07, 2006


Another Baby Kimono ?

So another ? for the kimono, when you CO the 3 sts at the beginning of the row, do you cast them on and really at the end of the WS row and then knit into them or do you cast them on and then knit on as if they are just part of the RS row? Can you tell this is my first sweater? And I thought this was going to be easy. I'm feeling my blondeness very much right now, I blame it on the extra testosterione in my body, silly baby boys :D.

If I understand your question correctly, your asking if you knit the stitches on the sleeve that your casting on right after you cast them on or on the next row? If that's your question, I knitted mine during the next row, not after I casted on. Not sure if that is the right way, but mine turned out fine. Hope this helps and I didn't confuse you.
It's been a month since I finished mine, but if I remember correctly...You cast on the 3 stitches, and then immediately (because you're at the end of a row, of course) you have to turn the knitting and you are then STARTING the next row on your new stitches.

It was my very first piece of knitting after a LOOONG hiatus, and it turned out great! Good luck!
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