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Bubbly Curtain

I have a decorator question. I am not good at decorating and would like to ask you guys for your opinion. In my bedroom (a new addition) my husband put French doors that go out to a small deck. I want to put something on them even though nobody can see in (our house is set back from the street quite a ways so only the forest friends can see in). I was thinking of something lacey and then I bought this book and I though hum that would look pretty. Now here's my question. If I have a quilt block bedspread on my bed would this go? My room is gray with a darker gray rug and then I saw this quilt in a catalog I was going to get but now I am questing on whether the style of the quilt will go with the style of the bubbly curtain. Please help. I am so not a decorator. Thanks a bunch for anyone's input.


If you like them together, they go. Knit the curtains in a color that you want to emphasize from the quilt. That's all it takes.
I think it would go great. The quilt has a country-hand-made quality and so does the curtain.

I echo what Jen said ....if you like it, it goes. :-)
I have been helping a friend make the bubbly curtains to go on either side of her front door, for privacy. I took the bamboo sticks that came with some of my orchids, cut them with my clippers from outside, painted them, and hung them in the 12" space. They look great! I think your quilt and the handknitted curtain will tie it all together, with a hand crafted look. She used the ginger colored Euroflax linen, to match the wood stain of the window.
Truer words were never spoken - if you like it, it goes! When I was young and newly married I was obsessed with having everything "go"! I never had a decorator and always worried what others thought of my home - guess what? Nearly everyone who comes in says they love how I've decorated! I think your space should say you live there, not some anonymous perfectionist. it's taken me 30 years to get the nerve to have a beautiful curio cabinet and put Waterford, southwest art, and NASCAR items in it! We like it!

Go for the curtains and quilt and I hope it makes you smile every time you enter the bedroom!
I'm with Jen, pick a complimentary colour and go for it--it goes if you like it, and if you don't frog back and use the yarn for something else (or a different stitch pattern). Good Luck!
Thanks for all of your wonderful advise. I too feel Joanni the same thing about worrying if something goes and if people are going to like it and I have decided that I am going to make it because I like both things and I am knitting it in either a light gray (color of my walls and rug, so I can change my spread if I chose to) or in a light shade of blue because the quilt is white and blue quilted squares. Thanks again guys.

Laura :)
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