Tuesday, September 05, 2006


circualr afghan

a few weeks back I posted an idea for doing a circular afghan based on the technique from the circle of fun rug. Well I was able to get some yarn for my idea and finished the afghan this weekend. I think it worked out pretty good. I like the color wheel idea to use for a baby blanket to help teach colors later.

I ended up using Caron's simply soft yarn for the red and the blue (1 ball), Red heart's soft yarn for the purple (1 ball) and Bernat's satin yarn for the green, yellow, orange, and black (2 balls each). My favorite to work with was Bernat's (no surprise) but when I was looking at Joann's for the yarn they didn't have all the colors I wanted in the Satin. The only thing I would change is making the black outside border thicker. I knitting that as I went so I could carry the black to each spoke and save weaving in more ends. The great thing about this afghan is it was knitted in one peice and the only seam is between the red and purple but I did it with black on each side so the seam is in the spoke.

Now that is done - on to more projects. But my next question is when Ann and Kay are doing a sequel! That have made me rethink and expand my thinking!!

Okay so can you email me exactly how you adjusted the pattern, etc? It is way to awesome for only one munchkin out there to have I must make some for mine :D. Awesome job.

ladybhuidhe at gmail dot com
That is very creative, the colors are wonderful. You should be very proud!
I love it! Absolutely beautiful!
That's fantastic! I've been wondering how your project was coming along since your first post. It looks wonderful!
wow! that looks fabu... I'm so impressed!
I hope you post the specific directions you used to alter the pattern.I would love to make one. It is such a great work of art. Beautiful. Great job!
OMG! I have to make one of those. Can you please post the directions? please, please, pretty please.
I would also love the pattern for this....I hope that you post the directions! :) This is great!
I'll get the directions up on my blog and post when they are available -- This will depend on how fast I can type when my 6 mo. old daugther is sleep.

Thank you for the comments -- I love reading them.
oh i love that! and it captured my sons attention in a milisecond so I really hope you post the pattern!
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