Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Seat belt cozy

I made this seat belt cozy for my mom, who had been carrying my old camp washcloths around with her in the car because the seat belt hit her neck in an uncomfortable way. I decided that this was a job for MDK, and made this. I don't have a car, so it was somewhat experimental. I tried it out on a friend's car after the basic structure was completed. It is two 33-stitch washcloths with 13 "bricks" each, joined with a single crochet. I added bobbles to one side and eyelets to the crocheted edge. Hope Mom likes it- it's off in the mail today!

brillant idea! my seat belt hits me the wrong way, too. maybe this is something i need to try.
What a clever idea! I wish I could have made one for my Mom (she passed away six years ago)just like yours for your Mom. My mother always had the same problem with her seat belt.
She's gonna love it! What a fantastic idea! My seat belts are always hungry....I see ballbands in their future....thanks for the great idea!
What a great idea! It's pretty, too.
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