Monday, September 04, 2006


Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you so much for letting me join the Mason Dixon KAL. I've been a long time lurker, reading about and looking at everyone's wonderful projects from the book, before I even had the book. I love the Mason Dixon book as it is truely inspirational. Kay and Ann's style of writing and sense of humor is the best! I've spend the summer making lots of ball-band cloths and I even made a large dish towel for my drain board that I love. Reading about the calamari knitting also made me try my hand at knitting a rag rug. Now just thinking about what I'm knitting next is driving me crazy because I want to do everything all at once. You can read more about my knitting in my blog.

I am very happy to be included in this wonderful community of knitters!


You have made a glorious array of washcloths! Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Gorgeous! Love those colors.'ve been busy! I have yet to try the ball-band cloths, but they're near the top of my list. Can't wait to see what I come up with.
Love these ballbands!

What pattern did you use for the dish towel? I am wanting to make some - but haven't found a pattern yet. Did you base it on the ballband pattern?

Thanks for sharing!
I cast on 90 stitches using the ball -band pattern and continued the pattern for 33 bands. It's really big 19x23". There's a better picture of the towel on my blog if you are interested.
Hope you enjoy making one as much as I did! Happy Knitting :)
I love all those washcloths! Why don't you sew them together and make a gorgeous blanket? They just look so good together it would be a shame to separate them!! --Sally
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