Saturday, September 02, 2006


lost book, very sad

I accidently left my Mason Dixon Book at my parent's house in Wisconsin while on a recent visit from Boston. Mom can't find it. At least I wasn't in the middle of a pattern, but still, I like looking at it and making plans. I'm seriously contemplating getting another copy and then giving one as a gift if the first shows up! I really enjoy seeing all your projects. It's so inspiring to see what other people's work.

Oh my gosh!!!! Poor baby! Are you okay?? Do you need anything??? I wish I lived close so I could bring you a cassrole and chocolate brownies - and a copy of MDK! You are in my thoughts...

Do not hesitate...go get another copy!
I knew someone here would understand -
My deepest sympathy on your loss of your book. I would definately go out and but another.
I'd definately go buy antoher book....MDK is my favorite knitting/crocheting book. i don't think I'd even have been able to wait for my mom to send it to me even if she 'could" find it..LOL..I'd have to get another copy immediately..LOL
You can get a brand new copy for 9.95 at That is where I got mine!
The holidays are coming! Buy a new one, then give it as a gift with some dish rag yarn when you get your first one back.
I have two - but I'm not parting with either. One was sent to me by Ann herself. It was first posted (to UK) in early May. First it found its way back to US and was despatched again. It finally arrived here in mid-August.

As you might guess, frustration got the better of me and I bought another while I was waiting.

I intended to give away the 'interim' copy but when Ann's arrived it must have been on some kind of adventure. Even though it was securely packed in a watertight package, it arrived with a pronounced bend. It has a lovely inscription from Ann but it is not the copy I want to use regularly.

Now I have one to read and one to cherish!
Yeah, right. Mom "couldn't find it." Didn't want to give it back is more like it! lol.

Just kidding. I would never accuse a mom of such a thing. Yes. Get another. I, too, would use Zooba, since I'm already a member.
Where in Wisconsin? maybe I can go find it for you. ;-) I am in Appleton.
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