Friday, September 01, 2006


Log Cabin Needle Question

I'm in the middle of knitting my log cab blanket on what feels like forever (the logs are a couple hundred stitches long at this point). I'm not complaining, I love this blanket!!! :-)

Here's my dilemma. I treated myself to the Knit Picks Options set. Would it hurt to change needle type mid project? I know normally you wouldn't change on let's say an article of clothing, but I'm thinking on this it would be OK. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

I switched needles mid-project on a felted bag I was knitting. I had been using Denises, and switched to my KP Options. They are much faster to knit with, IMO.
Do you mean needle size? If you change sizes the stitches will be larger or smaller, but depending on the size change it may not be noticeable. Also, it is a blanket, not a sweater I say do whatever feels right. You may be happier with the results :)
I LOVE my KP Options but I had to order the KP needle gauge also because the sizes seemed a bit off when using my other gauges. I thought it was just me. Then I read this
and it turns out, there is a slight sizing diffence. Might be something to watch out for if you decide to change mid project.
Yeah, I agree with Tara, I would check the size of your needles in mm and pick the right switch from there, I bought size 2 dpns from KPs and they are actually 3mm not the 2.75mm I thought they would/should have been. Good luck.
I have also found that my gauge is looser on slicker needles.
I assume that you only intend to change when you get to the end of each log - in which case I don't think you will notice the difference. Go for it!
The Options needles go a bit wonky only at US 3 and under. Otherwise you should be OK. Compare the metric sizes to be sure.
I find that my tension changes quite a lot depending on the needle/yarn combo- with bamboo I tend to knit much tighter than metal (grippier?), and resin or plastic in the middle somewhere.
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