Thursday, August 31, 2006


My Heart Is Breaking!

I've been dying to knit up the kimono but there are no babies in my life at the moment. Then, last week, I found out that the new guy at my job was having a baby. Still, it didn't even dawn on me but when I won the baby pool, a lightbulb went off. I took the money I won, went and bought some achingly soft Blue Sky Cotton and went to town. Of course there's WAY more than I need for the kimono in the two skeins (one's definitely not enough) so a pair of booties were in order. I still have a bit left and may make a hat but I wanted to get this to him asap. Are you just dying?! Makes my womb ache.

My first buttonhole bag was made with 'scrap', just to see how it would turn out. Fugly, of course but it gave me confidence to make another. Here's the final result (I think I'll felt it one or two more times though):

Love the the purple swirly I-cord, and did you sew it on after felting or before? It looks really cool.
I love the button hole bag - it looks great :-)
Beautiful! I love the kimono and the booties. I can't wait for grandchildren to knit for. The button hole bag is beautiful. I love the swirl and size. Great job on both.
I am in L-O-V-E with Blue Sky Cotton too, so luscious. Your kimono is so the ribbon.

That kimono set came out so gorgeous! I knit baby things all the time, even though I have no babies.
I meant to say in my post that the purple swirly isn't I-cord. It was coming out way to big so I just sewed on one strand of yarn in a pleasing manner before felting. After the final felting, I'll have to 'shave' off some of the orange fibers that have lightly covered the purple swirl but it's solidly set and doesn't appear the least bit loose. An experiment that went RIGHT for a change!
The bag is gorgeous! what did you use to sew that swirl on with? Just thread?
Just thread.
I love the swirl. I'll have to file that idea away for my next felt purse. I wanted to do an initial and I think that will be better than the back stitching I was considering.
BTW, what is the green yarn? That is the color I am looking for for some felt bowls/boxes for my mom's bathroom.
I love those bright colors on your bag! And your coworker will be so thrilled with the handknits for his baby.
The bag is fabulous. Nice colors and the swirl is a nice detail.
Love the kimono! I love Blue Sky cotton as well--how did you modify the gauge? When I tried, I couldn't get the front right.
Gorgeous, a good selfless knit.
I love how the booties echo the ribbon effect on the kimono. Where did you get the pattern?
To Shelly Hattan: I got the pattern here. It says to use 10 1/2 needles but I used 6 and they were perfect.

To Gina P: I didn't modify the gauge. I thought I'd have to because the yarn looks so much thicker than normal worsted but my gauge swatch knit up perfectly and it seems to be just the right size for a newborn.

To Heather: It's Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky in Kiwi (60% New Zealand Wool, 40% Domestic Wool) - $5/skein at my LYS.

To Everyone: Thanks for all the kind words!!
Isn't it funny how we will knit for just about any baby around??? The kimono and booties are PRECIOUS!
Fug, who? It's terrific. I've been felting only really plain things, and have yet to actually put my felting needles to use. You're inspiring me to change that, soon.
Love, Love, LOVE the kimono! If you want more baby stuff to knit, come see me. Every other woman I work with is pregnant. What do they think I am, a knitting MACHINE????? I am planning to make the kimono, and loved your choice of Blue Sky Cotton. Thanks for the tip!
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